[Update 133]

[Update 133] - Fixed EPVP Report Timer (had small bug)
- Added 4th Rebirth Npc and a Quest to Get Rebirth (and Rebirth Stone)
- Moved VIP from potion npc to money cleric and Lowered price of VIP 14 day
- Enabled all mobs in argent
- Enabled Dream island
- Enabled some weapons for Ami/Car so they can use all classes
- Enabled Supreme Class Weapons again in Mapko Equipment Seller
- Added Cloaks check npc near Grocery Npc * We going gift some cloaks at giveaway and some events be up with us * Cloaks will be sold in Limited shop in future
- Added Hero system * Max Level 100 * You can buy medals from event npc * last 5 levels are the hardest
- Added Pray System * Max Level 50 * Give 4 STR/ACC/SPR and 2 AGI/CON per level + 500 BP
- Dream island * Floor 1 : Mob Drop 1x Gold Pouch and chance 50% 1x Lv1 Event Item (Respawn 90s) Boss drop 30x Gold Pouch and 15x Lv1 Event Item (Respawn 900s) * Floor 2 : Mob Drop 2x Gold Pouch(Party) and 1x Lv1 Event Item(Party) and 1x Lv1 Event Item (Respawn 45s) Boss Drop 1x 100k Gold Note(Party) and 50x Lv1 Event Item(Party) and 25x Lv1 Event Item (Respawn 300s) * Max Kills 200, Boss Kill 5, Lifes 5 every trail * Map open at times[00:20,02:20,...,22:20] for 40 minutes only. * Floor 2 is not pvp area but mobs and bosses are strong be careful
- Added VIP Npc and Event Npc (Dream Island)
- Added Ninja and Elf only from supreme classes as there wasn't enough time to make them and balance them all please let us know if there is a problem or mistake we look forward to the day we finish all the work and thanks for all patience and support :heart: :heart: :heart: