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News of Shop
18/09/2023 11:33:15 AM
Vote Event 8x is up 🎁  Donation discount is up  Donation PWP 50% bonus points is back 🎉  Limited shop got discount 30% less prices 🥏 Vote times have been reseted fo...  Read More »
Gift code and more
31/08/2023 10:25:39 AM
> Added new gift code at our facebook page look it up > Auction has new offer > Limited shop discount 25% less prices > Vote Event 8x is up again More is coming. ...  Read More »
Bonus stuff
23/08/2023 11:11:50 AM
New Auction is up with awesome offer New Limited shop discount 25% percentage on price off grab the chance for 5 days Added paypal discount for 14 Days Added paypal bonus PWP points 50% on m...  Read More »
Update v216-217
18/08/2023 11:05:55 AM
[Update v216] > Rebirth skills have been disabled in Winterland. > We have fixed the maximum level on the upgrade report. > Reduced the number of mobs spawning to summon certain /binfo bosses...  Read More »
Social Event
07/08/2023 04:59:35 AM
Hello Mapko Players, we have decided to create a new social event where our players can record their moments with MAPKO and share them on their social accounts, as well as in the 3 Tales of Pirates gr...  Read More »
Happy Autumn 2023
03/08/2023 03:19:33 PM
Happy Autumn 2023 officially we are celebrating the Autumn wishing mapko players joyful time read to end below : 1) We added new Auction with the new cards 2) We have a shop discount of 25% less...  Read More »
Gift Code!!!
15/07/2023 02:19:49 PM
> New gift code can be found at our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rmapko > Limited shop restocked > Vote Event 8x points is up > Donation Discount event is here > Limit...  Read More »
Update v208
14/06/2023 07:29:58 PM
Update Event Npc Exchange Lv2 Added max to pray system now is Lv80 as max with new fruit You can obtain from T3 Box,Donate Box,Drop in Darkswamp Chests/Bosses by chance while in Mud boss 100% chanc...  Read More »
Woha Limited
12/06/2023 04:29:05 PM
Vote 8x event is up Donation Discount is up Limited shop discount 10% less prices on most items New Royalpass season is here New Wish wheel is up Auction got sale grab chance Limited...  Read More »
Discord Poll
12/06/2023 04:15:19 PM
Hello we running a poll in our discord server to know more about people thoughts please join poll and vote to help us ❤ ❤ https://discord.com/channels/352696224870301697/461679242921508864/111749...  Read More »
Donate Special Offers & more
17/05/2023 11:36:08 AM
> New Royalpass (With new apparels including DBZ Pink) > Added Discount 50% less prices in most offers in paypal and specially in paymentwall section for a limited time grab the chance for this spe...  Read More »
New Update v206-207
17/05/2023 11:34:27 AM
> Added the possibility for people to edit their “Nickname” on the discord server so people can use their own in game Name > DW2 is fixed, we also adjusted monster toughness > Updated Event ...  Read More »
Check out the winning videos
16/05/2023 05:57:23 AM
Check out the winning videos from our latest video making event! B4R4T4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xTjW3CQb0Y BMW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCSnzlD6xV0 GOJO (Grand Winner...  Read More »
Limited Discounts WOW
11/05/2023 08:38:01 AM
New updates have been done to website please check out Itemshop section, donate page, and more we are still ongoing work there Added new Auction we also have included a mini icon remind that there...  Read More »
[Update v203]
01/05/2023 06:25:31 AM
Added FC 2,3 & DW 1 made dw and fc chests same in power/toughness Added instant app and instant fission into command use /instantapp or /fissionapp for short Added Dw1 and moved things like origina...  Read More »
Update v201-202
30/04/2023 08:43:58 AM
> Added new gems for equipment called epic gems with three grades MSR/LMR/GMR * The new gems can be upgraded or forged through Epic gem npc near blacksmith argent city * New Npc to instant upgra...  Read More »
Discount and more awesome
19/04/2023 01:49:32 AM
Donate section got discounted prices Vote section got bonus Points VIP/VVIP got new items and now is for 28 Days Limited shop got restocked with new prices and new offers Limited shop have...  Read More »
Update v195-198
14/04/2023 02:31:13 AM
Update v195-198 > New Gems added for accessory MSR and LMR (Drop in DarkSwamp read more below) > VOD News: Balanced now Added more gifts Saint to kills like other mazes 10 ...  Read More »
New Discounts
05/04/2023 01:09:50 PM
Vote Event is up check our vote page Donate section got discounted prices up New Auction is up GMR neck Limited shop got discount of 15% for most items Vote times was reseted for the upcom...  Read More »
Limited and more
30/03/2023 02:08:12 AM
Restocked Limited shop Added discount 25% on limited shop prices New Auction with Energy Gems New Royalpass with new bow and staff app New Wish wheel with amazing stuff new stuff added ...  Read More »


Vote and Donate Events
03/11/2022 09:50:03 PM
- Paypal Discount 50% is up - Vote bonus 8x Point is here...  Read More »
Royalpass and Restock
25/10/2022 10:10:56 PM
- Paypal section got discount of 60% - limited shop restocks and some offer edits - royalpass reward change and price discount - Wish wheel with new rewards and new time...  Read More »
Site Events
09/10/2022 03:40:44 PM
Vote section got bonus points 8x  Donate Paypal section got discounted with 60% offers have fun ...  Read More »



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