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Grand Event :



Summer Theme
08/07/2024 11:37:30 AM
Vote Bonus 9x is up Limited shop discounted and restocked Donation page Discounted and bonused Added new items to limited shop (Summer APPS) New Auctions is up with good prices...  Read More »
Update v243
07/07/2024 01:03:31 PM
gems cmd wont ask for gem voucher anymore will require money 1Mil notes only and also with refine gems Adjusted SQ also it give +27 GMR instead of LMR at SQ 08 King Emblem prices for 1Bil and Lu...  Read More »
New Auction and more
22/06/2024 12:24:17 PM
New Auctions Vote Bonus 9x is up Limited shop discounted Donation page Discounted and bonused Wish wheel reload...  Read More »
Events and more
09/06/2024 04:00:31 PM
New Auctions Vote Bonus 9x is up Limited shop discounted Donation page Discounted and bonused...  Read More »
New Events and More
27/05/2024 02:13:22 PM
New Auctions Limited shop discounted and restocked Donation page Discounted and bonused Wish wheel renewal new season is here...  Read More »
Gift Code Spring
18/05/2024 02:13:05 PM
New Auctions is up Gift code is added on facebook ^^...  Read More »
Update Web
01/05/2024 06:51:55 AM
> Website is up > Added new Auctions > New wish wheel and new items in it > Changed a bit in donation page one time packages and added people who purchased Biggy banks bonus money (before) ...  Read More »
Update v235-239
01/05/2024 06:11:49 AM
Moved Everything back to the time before the last Skull City update Added an important Skull NPC into Dream City Increased the mine drop meteorites inside Farm Island from 800 Gold to 3500 Gold Afk...  Read More »
New Wish Wheel
03/04/2024 11:20:48 AM
We have restocked the wish wheel...  Read More »
Update v234.2
02/03/2024 12:30:58 AM
Fixed EPVP bug Fixed map portal time report Fixed other bugs Added drop of purple coin pieces to last 2 Mobs (Evil Icy, Lifeblood Battle) Doubled drops in skull city and increased some dro...  Read More »
28/02/2024 01:27:03 PM
Added new Auctions with awesome prices Limited shop got discounted 30% less prices Donation page event is up Vote Event 9x is up...  Read More »
19/02/2024 09:01:57 AM
Vote Point Bonus 9x is up Limited shop got discount 30% Donate Page discount and PWP bonus New PWP/FWP Auctions Shop restocked...  Read More »
Update v234
17/02/2024 05:18:28 PM
> Fixed bug with rune addon states were added twice > Fixed bug with mastery skills after using Poss the states go down by your mastery addon states amount > Improved Dream Island map trailer an...  Read More »
Limited Stuff
03/02/2024 03:42:52 PM
Vote Point Bonus 9x is up Limited shop got discount 30% Added new awesome auctions PWP/WP Donate Page discount and PWP bonus Added to gamble limited package Donateboxes...  Read More »
Update 232
30/01/2024 09:42:03 PM
> Increased mobs amount in Birthcity and reduced their spawn speed > Leaving Birth map restriction decreased reborn Lv5>3, Sq 3>2 > Elven Fruit Tradable now > Afk in Skull from 12h>24h > A...  Read More »
Xmas News
28/11/2023 12:01:24 AM
New Auction is here with new offers check them out Limited shop restocked and added new offers Happy Xmas in MaPko for limited time we got you 45% Discount in limited shop hurry up and use the c...  Read More »
Update 222-223
27/11/2023 07:09:00 PM
> Fixed Portal reporting time > Tried Fixing the poss death issue, but no help. if you know something please let us know in reporting channel > Fixed other old problems > Improved ip detectio...  Read More »
Auction Time
12/11/2023 08:25:59 AM
> New 3 Auction with awesome offers check our Auction page for more info  > Limited shop have been restocked  > Renewed Paypal discount offers and bonus PWP  > Check our one time ...  Read More »
07/11/2023 07:45:57 AM
New Limited discount Vote Bonus is here Be aware vote code coming soon Discounted Donation page and bonus PWP ...  Read More »
Awesome Halloween
30/10/2023 05:41:51 AM
The final Event hour have been decided : 30/10/2023 Monday | 6-7 PM Starting when players are around we may delay to 7.30 if needed Limited shop was restocked Limited shop is discounted by 35% ...  Read More »


Vote and Donate Events
03/11/2022 09:50:03 PM
- Paypal Discount 50% is up - Vote bonus 8x Point is here...  Read More »
Royalpass and Restock
25/10/2022 10:10:56 PM
- Paypal section got discount of 60% - limited shop restocks and some offer edits - royalpass reward change and price discount - Wish wheel with new rewards and new time...  Read More »
Site Events
09/10/2022 03:40:44 PM
Vote section got bonus points 8x  Donate Paypal section got discounted with 60% offers have fun ...  Read More »



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