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Donate Special Offers & more
17/05/2023 11:36:08 AM
> New Royalpass (With new apparels including DBZ Pink) > Added Discount 50% less prices in most offers in paypal and specially in paymentwall section for a limited time grab the chance for this spe...  Read More »
New Update v206-207
17/05/2023 11:34:27 AM
> Added the possibility for people to edit their “Nickname” on the discord server so people can use their own in game Name > DW2 is fixed, we also adjusted monster toughness > Updated Event ...  Read More »
Check out the winning videos
16/05/2023 05:57:23 AM
Check out the winning videos from our latest video making event! B4R4T4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xTjW3CQb0Y BMW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCSnzlD6xV0 GOJO (Grand Winner...  Read More »
Limited Discounts WOW
11/05/2023 08:38:01 AM
New updates have been done to website please check out Itemshop section, donate page, and more we are still ongoing work there Added new Auction we also have included a mini icon remind that there...  Read More »
[Update v203]
01/05/2023 06:25:31 AM
Added FC 2,3 & DW 1 made dw and fc chests same in power/toughness Added instant app and instant fission into command use /instantapp or /fissionapp for short Added Dw1 and moved things like origina...  Read More »
Update v201-202
30/04/2023 08:43:58 AM
> Added new gems for equipment called epic gems with three grades MSR/LMR/GMR * The new gems can be upgraded or forged through Epic gem npc near blacksmith argent city * New Npc to instant upgra...  Read More »
Discount and more awesome
19/04/2023 01:49:32 AM
Donate section got discounted prices Vote section got bonus Points VIP/VVIP got new items and now is for 28 Days Limited shop got restocked with new prices and new offers Limited shop have...  Read More »
Update v195-198
14/04/2023 02:31:13 AM
Update v195-198 > New Gems added for accessory MSR and LMR (Drop in DarkSwamp read more below) > VOD News: Balanced now Added more gifts Saint to kills like other mazes 10 ...  Read More »
New Discounts
05/04/2023 01:09:50 PM
Vote Event is up check our vote page Donate section got discounted prices up New Auction is up GMR neck Limited shop got discount of 15% for most items Vote times was reseted for the upcom...  Read More »
Limited and more
30/03/2023 02:08:12 AM
Restocked Limited shop Added discount 25% on limited shop prices New Auction with Energy Gems New Royalpass with new bow and staff app New Wish wheel with amazing stuff new stuff added ...  Read More »
Update v191
16/03/2023 08:14:06 PM
Changed BD toughness is lower now for better pk * reward was reduced by half Make kill count each chaos trail changed from 15 kills to 45 kills Ref Gems now sold in Gem npc with money * You ca...  Read More »
Gifts and more
12/03/2023 08:01:55 AM
Added new system vip membership take a look in our site Shop Discounted 25% less prices Added Gift code for upcoming Ramadan Event Happy time in mapko bois Upcoming Video event very soon be re...  Read More »
Eye gush!!
09/03/2023 05:55:33 AM
> Added new 2 Auction offers one for PWP and another for FWP take the chance > Restocked Limited shop > New pass is here (have improved Super pass and redeem shop take a look take what fancy you...  Read More »
[Update v187]
06/03/2023 03:38:42 PM
Increased mob max Leaf drop to 85 legendary leaf rather 20 (+ bonus of boss kill) Removed the max Daily Dungeon limit Max daily reborn is 100 to normal and 50 event Added Golden Keys to quest...  Read More »
06/03/2023 03:38:20 PM
New Limited shop discount 25% 💰 Limited shop got limited sale GMR Neck and GMR Weapon, Extra Medals with wp price for limited time and stock hurry up âš’ Vote Bonus is here 💃 Donate discoun...  Read More »
Update v185
27/02/2023 06:46:27 AM
>> Class Edits * Voyager: Tornado now you can attack players affected Fixed conch ray skill cd it was bugged server sided We are still testing VOY so maybe in future will be changed again i...  Read More »
Valentine day Eve
17/02/2023 09:15:32 PM
> New Auction with very Amazing stuff dont miss it at our auction page > Discount 25% on limited shop for 3 days > New Royalpass is here with new exclusive Kylin Set > New Wish wheel is here ...  Read More »
Update v184
16/02/2023 05:52:40 AM
Add Gem combiner lvl 4 npc again and included cloak gems in it for newbies Added LMR Equipment to super package rather MSR Removed BP from novice box (could be abused) Removed Novice box fr...  Read More »
Some news bois
31/01/2023 09:08:51 PM
Add content...  Read More »
Limited Shop And Royalpass
22/01/2023 01:36:48 PM
New Limited shop updates New Royalpass season is here Auction with GMR neck is here again start bid 4k pwp Upcoming gift code in the next days...  Read More »


Vote and Donate Events
03/11/2022 09:50:03 PM
- Paypal Discount 50% is up - Vote bonus 8x Point is here...  Read More »
Royalpass and Restock
25/10/2022 10:10:56 PM
- Paypal section got discount of 60% - limited shop restocks and some offer edits - royalpass reward change and price discount - Wish wheel with new rewards and new time...  Read More »
Site Events
09/10/2022 03:40:44 PM
Vote section got bonus points 8x  Donate Paypal section got discounted with 60% offers have fun ...  Read More »



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