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Update v234.2
02/03/2024 12:30:58 AM
Fixed EPVP bug Fixed map portal time report Fixed other bugs Added drop of purple coin pieces to last 2 Mobs (Evil Icy, Lifeblood Battle) Doubled drops in skull city and increased some dro...  Read More »
28/02/2024 01:27:03 PM
Added new Auctions with awesome prices Limited shop got discounted 30% less prices Donation page event is up Vote Event 9x is up...  Read More »
19/02/2024 09:01:57 AM
Vote Point Bonus 9x is up Limited shop got discount 30% Donate Page discount and PWP bonus New PWP/FWP Auctions Shop restocked...  Read More »
Update v234
17/02/2024 05:18:28 PM
> Fixed bug with rune addon states were added twice > Fixed bug with mastery skills after using Poss the states go down by your mastery addon states amount > Improved Dream Island map trailer an...  Read More »
Limited Stuff
03/02/2024 03:42:52 PM
Vote Point Bonus 9x is up Limited shop got discount 30% Added new awesome auctions PWP/WP Donate Page discount and PWP bonus Added to gamble limited package Donateboxes...  Read More »
Update 232
30/01/2024 09:42:03 PM
> Increased mobs amount in Birthcity and reduced their spawn speed > Leaving Birth map restriction decreased reborn Lv5>3, Sq 3>2 > Elven Fruit Tradable now > Afk in Skull from 12h>24h > A...  Read More »
Xmas News
28/11/2023 12:01:24 AM
New Auction is here with new offers check them out Limited shop restocked and added new offers Happy Xmas in MaPko for limited time we got you 45% Discount in limited shop hurry up and use the c...  Read More »
Update 222-223
27/11/2023 07:09:00 PM
> Fixed Portal reporting time > Tried Fixing the poss death issue, but no help. if you know something please let us know in reporting channel > Fixed other old problems > Improved ip detectio...  Read More »
Auction Time
12/11/2023 08:25:59 AM
> New 3 Auction with awesome offers check our Auction page for more info  > Limited shop have been restocked  > Renewed Paypal discount offers and bonus PWP  > Check our one time ...  Read More »
07/11/2023 07:45:57 AM
New Limited discount Vote Bonus is here Be aware vote code coming soon Discounted Donation page and bonus PWP ...  Read More »
Awesome Halloween
30/10/2023 05:41:51 AM
The final Event hour have been decided : 30/10/2023 Monday | 6-7 PM Starting when players are around we may delay to 7.30 if needed Limited shop was restocked Limited shop is discounted by 35% ...  Read More »
Update v221
21/10/2023 06:31:49 AM
> Reduced Tower/Fan Prices After Refine Plus 12 > Added a new Chest to make obtaining the Tower/Fan easier. 1) Extra Chest give +5-7 Randomly 2) Ultra Chest give +8-10 Randomly 3) Omega Ch...  Read More »
Arara Site updates
28/09/2023 05:25:23 PM
10x Vote Event is up only today hurry up 😄 Donations discount was reloaded Donation PWP 50% bonus points is back 🎉 Limited shop got discount 30% less prices :nyaSparkle: Wish go...  Read More »
Update v218
28/09/2023 01:12:21 AM
[Update v218] Fixed Kyjj 2 account per ip bug Fixed Fc chest spawn spot Added Cards Storage system check /mydeck command for more info Fixed name of black dragon boss in binfo Fixed gui...  Read More »
News of Shop
18/09/2023 11:33:15 AM
Vote Event 8x is up 🎁  Donation discount is up  Donation PWP 50% bonus points is back 🎉  Limited shop got discount 30% less prices 🥏 Vote times have been reseted fo...  Read More »
Gift code and more
31/08/2023 10:25:39 AM
> Added new gift code at our facebook page look it up > Auction has new offer > Limited shop discount 25% less prices > Vote Event 8x is up again More is coming. ...  Read More »
Bonus stuff
23/08/2023 11:11:50 AM
New Auction is up with awesome offer New Limited shop discount 25% percentage on price off grab the chance for 5 days Added paypal discount for 14 Days Added paypal bonus PWP points 50% on m...  Read More »
Update v216-217
18/08/2023 11:05:55 AM
[Update v216] > Rebirth skills have been disabled in Winterland. > We have fixed the maximum level on the upgrade report. > Reduced the number of mobs spawning to summon certain /binfo bosses...  Read More »
Social Event
07/08/2023 04:59:35 AM
Hello Mapko Players, we have decided to create a new social event where our players can record their moments with MAPKO and share them on their social accounts, as well as in the 3 Tales of Pirates gr...  Read More »
Happy Autumn 2023
03/08/2023 03:19:33 PM
Happy Autumn 2023 officially we are celebrating the Autumn wishing mapko players joyful time read to end below : 1) We added new Auction with the new cards 2) We have a shop discount of 25% less...  Read More »


Vote and Donate Events
03/11/2022 09:50:03 PM
- Paypal Discount 50% is up - Vote bonus 8x Point is here...  Read More »
Royalpass and Restock
25/10/2022 10:10:56 PM
- Paypal section got discount of 60% - limited shop restocks and some offer edits - royalpass reward change and price discount - Wish wheel with new rewards and new time...  Read More »
Site Events
09/10/2022 03:40:44 PM
Vote section got bonus points 8x  Donate Paypal section got discounted with 60% offers have fun ...  Read More »



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