Update v150-151

[Update v150]
Fixed Daily Quest
Added new apps to special app npc with pirate banner price
Added new APP Christmas in MAPKO APP
Reworked the States on equipment and systems lower states but same power like before
Added LMR Weapons and Rings * You can get LMR Weapons from Essence collecting * You can get LMR Ring from Limited/Wish Wheel(Coming in around week)
After reworking States all classes are matter and do a better job than before
Please report any problem with the state rework and enjoy it
Added new Rune Ticket 5% success rate and 30% success rate the first in Lv2 Event Npc and the second in limited and wish
Other minor bug fix

[Update v150.1]
Fixed Pirate Captain in Zephyr
Reduced defense from mobs in Kyjj a bit
Reduced defense from Reborn Mobs
Fixed Dream Mobs
Fixed world boss 1 shot
There is this boost buff for newbies under RB4 where they get boost on states only in argent and only before 4th rebirth
Added Pirate change to npc (sorry for not remember)
Fixed Forsaken city
BlackDragon CA/BH adjusted and fixed

[Update v150.2]
BD and Nightmare easier and much easier for newbies under RB Lv3