you may have heard that we have got serious problems with data loss and that we were target of ransom attack we lost most of data and the only data we had were since 6 months ago and other for year for website we have tried to recover the data again but there was no help in recovery we thought to use the data we had since 6 months ago but it was incomplete and instable to be used with 1 year source and code, give into that our new players who joined during that 6 months they will have to re-create their accounts over again which would seem messed up.

the only solution we had back then was to bring back mapko in what is called GOD mode where we made things easy to obtain and based on them you will from now on obtain features easy at start until sometime will be a little bit harder later on and we believe that we have to make alot of events and alot of gift codes(when possible) to keep people entertained

For the mallers who donated and supported us we aren't going to forget about their support and investment we will gift them based on their donation and donation time more information will be provided later on about mallers.

we really hoped not to resort to this wipe but odds resorted us to wipe and from that we will try to fix all problems and mistakes we made all over old mapko and bring you back with EPIC MAPKO with an awesome features born from the old MAPKO experience you had enjoyed and will enjoy in EPIC MAPKO

Stay stunned and support us with everything you can (Like,Vote,Donate)

Thanks all and have nice time.