[Update v139]

Reduced Mobs in Kyjj especially last waves Reduced aspd a little and def from (ELF)
Changed Monk Heal takes 20% Max SP and cd is now 25s
Added Fc map with newbie friendly setup and good drops you can find it in Dream island (PARTY SHARE) * Require Rebirth Lv8 or lower MOBS : 500 Gold & 35% chance to drop x1 GP MiniBoss : 10k Gold & x1 T2 Wing & x1 T1 Gift Box & x10 GP Chest : 20k Gold & x20 GP Boss : x3 100k Gold Note & x5 T2 Wing & x5 T1 Gift Box & x50 GP
Added Drop SR Rune Box to Kyjj only to TOP 1,2,3 which is 5,2,1
Added report notice to notify you of Reborn Event time
Fixed ip on maps and added reporting to them
Added fast money exchange 10m note to x10 1m and so on to money npc