[Update 134]
- Added Accessory Glows System (back)
- Added Earring system Max is +7|Effect Max is +4 (back)
- Added Reborn System (back)
- Added Fairy Fix System at Pet Npc(To Fix any Pet u get from website)
- Added Daily/Weekly Quest System
- Added Story Quest System back again

[Update 134.1]
Fixed balance again based on the accessory bonus %
Fixed Rebirth Npc
Changed DonateBox drops a bit Double click to obtain 2x,4x 1Mil Note|150x-200x Event Lv1 Item|1-3x Event Lv2 Item|3-5x Event Lookism Coin|1x SSR Earring Box(Bonus 1 PWP Coin or 150 PWP Pieces)
Money into daily quest
Fixed other bugs