[Update v166-167]

Fixed paladin in novice and supreme box (+27 Eq)
Fixed Shield in novice and supreme box was given STR or rather con
Added rp cards give 25xp and 100xp which is sold in money cleric npc
Added Pet Transfer States
Added more money exchange options at money npc
Added Pet state change which cost 1bil gold
Arena Bar is back ^^
Did fix small bug in Guildwar win we had a report saying someone guild level got reset to lvl 0 which was our concern but we couldn’t confirm if that bug was the cause please note that deleting guild reset level as well
Added new PVE daily quests enjoy nabs
Added new System Tower/Fans Max +5 sold in Money Npc Box and Stones sold in limited shop
2x Keys is up 3x keys is over (Dungeon win)
BP report can be removed by editing config file in mods folder removing the content from config file “pkodev.mod.power/pkodev.mod.power.cfg” also adjusted it
added new 2 set and 2 sword apps to gambling and will add more 2 set and 2 sword apps to royalshop too
New Event is here Autumn